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How We Got Our Start

My name is Ned Battersby and I am 18 years old and I run Castelnau Services alongside my younger brother Will. We were inspired one day to create a business after watching an episode of the Apprentice. We enjoyed watching the excitement going on between the teams during each task and wanted to experience the same thrill.  We wanted something simple but also fun, so we decided on Christmas trees!

We have been selling Christmas trees for five years now. On our first year we sold 20 trees and on our second year we sold 75 Christmas trees but for the last three years we have sold 280 Christmas trees which is 14 times as many tress as our first year. Our customers have been consistently pleased with our high quality trees and have given us some lovely comments.

We loved selling Christmas trees so much we decided we wanted to do something all year round and that was when Castelnau services was born.

For the future we want to continue to grow and expand our business into more areas of Barnes.

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