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Christmas trees 2021

Hi there,

You may already know that we will be selling Christmas trees again this year. We just wanted to outline the details of what will be going on this year regarding Christmas trees.

We are selling freshly cut Nordmann fir Christmas trees. Nordmann firs are good as they are traditional Christmas trees and drop very few needles. They range from 3-10ft so there should be a size for everyone. We will also be cutting the last inch off the tree before we give it to you to help with water uptake so that they last longer.

Secondly, we are expecting to have three delivery slots this year from our supplier so we can offer deliveries and collections from the 27th of November to the 12th of December. The collection address is 57 Castelnau SW13 9RT

Thirdly, we will mainly be delivering the trees by bike or foot which is good for the environment, so watch out for us lugging trees around Barnes.

Remember you can order directly off our website or send us an email. 10% of the sales are again going to our local charity FISH in Barnes this year who are helping to fight loneliness within the elderly community.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Ned and Will Battersby

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