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Day 10

Today we walked from Middleton to Dufton which was 32km with 600m of climbing ( 1000m is tomorrow, my mistake). We woke up at 6:30am to have breakfast at 7am, the host had suggested 6:30am breakfast but luckily we were able to compromise with 7am. We left at 7:50am, which was by far our earliest start yet. My GCSE results were released at 8:30am which I was very pleased with, much to Will’s disappointment. It was a nice way to start the walk. We walked up the river Tees which I knew a lot about as it had been in my geography GCSE exam. We eventually arrived at High force waterfall which was very dramatic, unfortunately it was not possible to walk underneath it.

We had lunch at 1pm after 5 hours of walking which was very welcomed. Our audio book , 1984, was starting to get pick up after the scene was set yesterday.

After lunch we arrived at the top of the eden valley which was very windy, but the views were incredible. We stopped to have a snack in a wind vortex close to the edge which was nice break for the legs but mainly for the wind. From the valley we also got a view of the Appleby horse fair which according to the locals is a very big event where sometimes 6 figures can be spent on horses.

We came in to Dufton at 4:30 where we found a taxi. The hotel we had booked to stay at had cancelled on us three weeks ago, so we had to find another place last minute which required us to take a 20 minute car journey to this pub with rooms.

For dinner we met with our dad’s Friend who was traveling down from Scotland, which was nice.

Tomorrow is another 32km walk but this time 1000m of climbing so that will be fun.

Best wishes,

Ned and Will Battersby

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6 comentários

Well done on your results, Ned. I hope you were able to explain the formation of High Force to Will!


Really impressed boys - and a bit jealous - looks spectacular


Fabulous photos again... and congratulations on the exam results! Thanks for every step you take... best wishes from all of us at FiSH!


Well done on your results Ned! Beautiful walks. Enjoy x


Ron Wood
Ron Wood
12 de ago. de 2021

Congrats on your GCSE results, Ned! Great pics today of the Great Whin Sill at High Cup Nick (sorry, but I studied Geology, remember!). Good luck with the 1000 m of climbing tomorrow.

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