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Day 13 - Hadrian’s Wall

Today we walked 35km with 930m of climbing mainly along Hadrian’s wall and through some large Christmas forests. This morning we had Eggs Benedict at the hotel before setting off at 8am in to the low cloud and gentle drizzle. After about an hour we made it to Hadrian’s wall, having walked past the entrance the first time completely oblivious to where we needed to go. Once we found the wall we were surprised how much up and down there was which was very tiring but the views were stunning. There were a lot of dog walkers on the wall as it was near a car park, this made Will very jealous as he had noticed that in some cases the dogs were pulling the owners up the hill, making life much easier. Once we had come off Hadrian’s wall we walked through some long grass and bogs that caused our shoes to get very muddy and wet. We now regret sending the gators home as they would have helped massively. We sat under some pine trees on moss mounds to eat our lunch which was very moist and humid. Once we had finished lunch we walked through a Christmas tree forest which sparked more conversations about selling Christmas trees this year to raise more money for FISH. The area we were walking through had loads of red squirrel signs so we kept our eyes open but unfortunately we didn’t see one. However we did meet a very unfriendly bull in a field. As we were walking towards it, the bull started to get twitchy and wasn’t looking at all pleased, so we hopped over the fence in to a nearby field so we could walk round it. The hotel we are staying at tonight has a pool which was exciting as we had been meaning to go for a swim and it beats a lake. We were the only ones there so we were able to go in our shorts which worked well. For dinner we had a three course meal, also a first so far which was well deserved after a long 35km day of walking. Best wishes, Ned and Will

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Keep going boys And James! A 3 course meal - what a treat! X


Shame you had such a damp day - Will looks distinctly unimpressed by his wet boots and soggy lunch! But his normal cheerful grin returned later - so well done Will!

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