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Day 3

Today we walked from Diggle to Hebden bridge which was 30km with 613m of climbing.

We headed off this morning at 8:30am in high spirts with talk about how quickly we were going to do the walk today. This however stopped when about 15 minutes in, we all started to feel that our legs were numb and aching. This we think was the past two days finally catching up with us. Luckily it was gone not too long after and fortunately the pain didn’t return, at least not today.

Once we had done the inevitable morning climb we walked along a ridge for a couple of hours that had great views of the Manchester sky line. Due to the fact there weren’t many people near us we were able to listen to a lot of our audio book. This also helped ease tensions that were rising between me and Will, he didn’t seem too amused when I couldn’t answer any of his questions about Bridge that I was supposed to know.

However, the sound of the audio book was soon drowned out by the sound of the M62 that was approaching us (one of the few big roads that we have to cross on our walk). A bridge had been specially built for the Pennine way walkers to get us over this 6 carriage motorway. We weren’t however too impressed when we saw the bridge. It was a narrow bridge which