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Day 5

Today we walked from Ickornshaw to Malham, which was 33km with 700m of climbing. We left Ickornshaw at 8am this morning and headed off up side of the valley. We left fully kitted up in our waterproof trousers and jackets expecting rain. Unfortunately, there was no rain, we looked like right fools walking past people looking like we were about to go scuba diving. Today we were walking through a lot of fields instead of the moors which were filled with cows. This made for some interesting moments trying to manoeuvre our way around them, for some reason they love sitting in the middle of the path. We stopped for lunch at a pub where we welcomed the chance to sit down. We had kept our waterproof trousers on due to the on and off rain which made the walking more tiring as they restrict your stride. We then carried on along a river for the rest of the way which was nice and flat. We also received an email from the hostel we are staying at tomorrow night, saying don’t forget to bring your own sheets and duvet. This was a little bit worrying but provoked a good conversation about what we could use instead. We will let you know tomorrow. We arrived at our YHA hostel at 5pm. We were a bit underwhelmed on what they had to offer but at least they had bedding but no towels for the shower, I guess these places have been forced to choose between bedding or towels.

Best wishes,

Ned and Will Battersby


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I’m exhausted reading about your walks! keep going…

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