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Day 6

Today we walked from Malham to Horton which was 25km with 810m of climbing. Unfortunately the YHA at Malham which we were staying at had a reduced breakfast menu due to covid, meaning instead of a full English breakfast we got a bacon bun, which realistically would only get us half way through the morning. We then had to sort out lunch as there would no food along the way. This meant we had to order more bacon sandwiches and completely buy out the snacks they offered. The only downside to this was that it caused my rucksack to be heavier than normal. We left at 8:20am and headed up the valley towards Malham cove, on our way out we had to cross a small bridge over the water that was almost overflowing due to the rain the night before. We then saw Malham cove, a large limestone cliff that was very dramatic. We walked up the side of it discussing the best way to climb up the cliff face. We also noticed once we got to the top that water was sprouting out of the ground causing our shoes to get very wet, but that didn’t really bother us as the rain had got there first. We then climbed up Peny Ghent which has a summit at the hight of 700m. Once we started scaling it we were met by the sheer force of the wind trying to push us off the cliff, this made it very exciting. The top was in the clouds so we couldn’t enjoy the stunning views that we had heard of but nevertheless it was nice to get to the top. There was also driving horizontal rain which caused the rain cover of my rucksack to be blown off, luckily it was caught just in time.

From Peny Ghent to Horton it was all down hill which was a nice way to end the day. The hostel we are staying at luckily provided sheets for us after our sincere apology about not bringing our own duvet. However, the hostel is not able to provide breakfast so tomorrow we will be having a packed lunch for breakfast. We have also made a couple of friends along our way, two of which are camping. So due to our room having six beds we have invited them to stay with us so they didn’t have to camp out in the rain. Best wishes, The Battersby boys

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You are amazing... all three of you! So sorry the weather is hitting you from all sides and that the hostels and snack spots are sadly lacking! Happily the forecast looks a bit brighter for the next few days. Take care... and thank you so much for all that you are doing for FiSH! We so appreciate it! Linda @ 🐠


Ron Wood
Ron Wood

Gosh, it looks jolly wet underfoot! Shame about the views, too. Why not try The Crown Hotel for a cooked breakfast tomorrow morning? That's where we stayed I think.

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