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Day 7

Today we walked from Horton to Hawes which was 23km with 600m of climbing. We set off this morning after enjoying a packed lunch for breakfast as the kitchen had run out of food, sounds grim but definitely beats the microwave pizza I had for breakfast a few days ago. We then headed off at 8am saying goodbye to the two young blokes who had shared our bunk room with us, they were having a rest day which we were very envious off. Just as we were leaving we met a solo walker who was doing the same walk as us, so we kept him company for the first 3 hours of the walk. Today was the first time over the last three days where we didn’t have puddles in our walking boots due to the sun being out. That was a nice change, even if the wind was still bitterly cold. We were mainly walking along a ridge which was good because once we were high we stayed high, which massively reduced the ups and downs. Due to the early start and fast paced walking, trying to keep up with our friend, we arrived at Hawes at 2:30pm. Luckily just in time to place an order for lunch at the local pub.

Hawes had a post office which we took advantage off. We took a bold step in sending our waterproof trousers and gators home hoping the worse of the weather is behind us. Hopefully we don’t regret that decision.

We end the day in an Indian restaurant, a nice change to the usual pub grub, where we play three man bridge whilst we look for a fourth player.

Best wishes,

Ned and Will Battersby

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Keep going boys and dad x


09 de ago. de 2021

Loving the backdrops. Looks amazing!

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