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Day 9

Today we walked from Tan Hill to Middleton which was 29km with 600m of climbing.

Breakfast this morning was at 8:30 which meant that we didn’t leave Tan Hill until 9:30. On our way out we were given our packed lunch, when choosing the filling for the sandwiches it was either cheese or cheese. Due to the remoteness of the pub we didn’t have any other options so we all chose cheese.

We set off over the boggy moorland thankful that it wasn’t raining. If it had been it would have been impossible to cross this section of the path which would have required us to take another slightly longer route.

There was very little to see on the sparse moorland so we put our heads down and started our audio book 1984, which is very thought provoking and interesting.

We also discussed selling Christmas trees this year and how we can raise more money for FISH, which we are greatly looking forward to. We also discussed expanding more in to Putney and how best to approach that.

We had lunch at 1:30pm which gave us the chance to make the best out of a bad situation, by putting crisps in our cheese sandwiches, which was surprisingly good.

It was a very windy path which was frustrating because when we looked at the map we weren’t making much progress, but we arrived in Middleton eventually.

We went to dinner at a fish and chip shop were we sat outside in the rain talking to some friends we had met along the way. Its an early night as tomorrow is a big day, not only because we have to walk 32km with 1000m of climbing but because I get my GCSE results back, so fingers crossed for that.

Best wishes,

Ned and Will Battersby

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Very best of luck for your results today, Ned!


nicola ortolani
nicola ortolani
Aug 12, 2021

Well done guys!! I love reading your posts.

Good look with your travel :)


Good luck with your results! Crisp sandwiches are great! X

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