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A New Member

Hi there,

We thought you might be interested in reading about a new addition to our team.

Around a week ago a new member joined our team!

Will and I had realised that in order to clean more patios we would need to travel further away from our home, as we can only clean our neighbours patios so many times. We started looking on amazon to see if there were any trailers that could go on the back of our bikes. However, to our disapointment we found that most of the affordable trailers weren't very big and wouldn't be able to fit a lawn mower. There were of course very large trailers which could fit a Lawn mower but they were over £600 and we didn't really want to spend all that money.

We then started looking for second hand trailers on eBay but we weren't having that much luck. At this point we had arranged to cut someones lawn which we couldn't do without a trailer. Luckily a few days before we found a second hand trailer on eBay, we quickly bought it. We drove down to Basingstoke to pick it up, however the trailer didn't have a top (which we knew when we bought it).

We took it home and that evening and we made a sturdy wooden top for the trailer so it would be able to carry the lawn mower. We have used it for almost every job in the past week and we feel like it is now a vital member of our team.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about our trailer adventure, we have attached a picture below.

Best wishes,

The Battersby Boys.

P.S - I was on my way to clean a patio and I went over a speed bump and to my horror the trailer flipped on to its side. I think it was probably because of the high centre of mass which means its quite unstable. Unfortunately I didn't have Will to help lift it back up, but luckily some people nearby helped, it was probably the most exciting moment of the whole week. 😀

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