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On our way

This morning we finished packing our bags and made sure we had our waterproof jacket and trousers. The baggage allocation was discussed. Dad got the short straw, meaning he is stuck carrying the big rucksack that contains all the clothes, however we did promise that we would take it in turns. I (Ned) was then given the smaller bag to carry the food and electronics leaving Will with nothing to carry but a tennis ball, which he promises to keep safe.

At noon we left the house and made our way to St Pancras station where we got lost looking for the platform. This doesn’t bode well for dad who is in charge of navigation.

The train journey down to Sheffield took 2 hours, plenty of time to play a couple of games of cards. Once we got there we successfully found the platform to Edale where the train arrived on time. There would have been some difficult discussions about navigation if we hadn’t found the platform in time for that train.

Once we arrived in Edale we did a short walk to the B&B where we are staying for the night. The menu is vegetarian and vegan so there’s a little bit of debate as to what will be served for breakfast. We will let you know tomorrow.

We end the day in the Nags Head for dinner where more rounds of cards are being played.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

Ned and Will

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