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Practicing our Services

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

While we were at home, during Covid-19, we took the opportunity to practice our services so we can guarantee a high quality experience.

Firstly, we started by timing how long it took us to do each job so we can correctly estimate how long it would take so we don't fall behind. At the beginning, before timing, we estimated how long we thought it would take to do each service. For some services we were close but for some we were a long way off.

We thought a full car wash would only take 30mins with both of us doing it but instead it took more like an hour! Luckily, we realised this early so we didn't suffer any consequences. However, we completely overestimated on Lawn trimming. We thought is would take 1 hour but after practicing we found it only took 30mins.

Secondly, to increase the quality of our services we practiced in the garden doing several attempts of the same service, as we had so much time. After a while we realised it's great to have a high quality service but if the price is too high then you will not get as many customers. This means you are sat at home watching tv all day, so that's why we charge around half of almost every other competitor in our area.

So overall, we have been practicing our services so we can compete with other businesses knowing we will have the upper hand which that we charge half as much.

If you have any suggestions on how we should improve our services,

we would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading,

The Battersby Boys

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