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Day 8

Today we walked from Hawes to Tan Hill which was 30km with 900m of climbing. The breakfast this morning was by far the best one we have had all week. It was a full buffet breakfast with no covid restrictions which we worked out was the first normal hotel breakfast we have had in 2 years. After a filling breakfast we stopped off at the bakery on our way out of Hawes to pick up some Cornish pasties for lunch. We finally left at 9am, a later start than intended. About 2km in we came across the Green Dragon restaurant which is famous for having the highest single fall waterfall in the Uk behind it. In the old days, according to our friend’s diary, from 1974, you could go behind the waterfall for only 4p. However, when we got there they had changed the rules due to the lawyers getting involved meaning you could no longer walk behind the waterfall. And not to mention it had become £4, 10,000% inflation. There was however a path going underneath the waterfall. So we made a calculated decision based on the likelihood of a rock falling on top of us. This we thought was low, so we went underneath. Luckily no one seemed to mind. We then carried on walking, a bit behind schedule, up on to the moors. Due to the low lying heather it meant that we could see everyone ahead of us which motivated us to walk faster and catch them up. Today was voted most scenic of all the days, with rolling hills interspersed with stone walls and wide open bleak moor land covered in purple heather. Before we got to Tan Hill we went through Keld which brought back memories of the coast to coast walk we did 3 years ago because we could see the B&B we had stayed at. As we were coming in to Tan Hill we got some lovely views of the Tan Hill pub that we would be staying at. Famous for being the highest pub in the UK. As we arrived, our audio book came to an end which was perfect timing. Any recommendations would be great for more books to listen to, we were thinking 1984 by George Orwell.

After dinner we socialized with other walkers we had met along the way. We also found another bridge player so we played a few games of Chicago bridge. Fortunately no money was involved as our fourth player knew what she was doing, unlike the rest of us.

Best wishes,

The Battersby boys

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